Under Pressure Writing #1

Does a book have the power to carry the entirety of civilization? Some say that books are magical creations of mankind that can bring two completely different worlds together. Books can do many marvelously things in this world. They invoke emotions, show the shoes of another, and the most important of them all, books make us think.

It can be said that books are the windows on the world, but which world do they allow us to view? Is it our own world that we may watch or is it a completely different dimension in a different time stamp? If you read only one book does that mean you only have one window. How big is this window?

Perhaps these windows show ourselves, for we are our own world. We are our own existence. Books allow us to see ourselves in a much different light. A light that is not cast by own minds or thoughts.

Imagine an advent calendar. Now imagine this advent calendar as a flat sheet with only the numbered shapes. The big picture on this advent calendar is an image beyond any humanly possible description. An image that would invoke the curiosity of any being. Place a mirror in front of the advent calendar. Flip the advent calendar around. Now what do you see? You see the back of the flat advent calendar. No chocolates, just plain, flat, boring cardboard. Now add books.

“Well now I’m looking at a plain cardboard sheet with a bunch of books around me. What do I do now?” you may say.

The answer has already been given to you. Books. The books show you the answer. Books with the endless knowledge held within them are abel to show you which spots are the spaces to open to be able to view the image on the other side.


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